Headlines: June 20th, 2003

The standard of initial teacher training has improved, but the training providers could do better. This is the conclusion of the education watchdog, Ofsted, after analyzing inspectors’ reports for the last four years and comparing them with reports from the previous four years.David Bell, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Schools said: Today’s newly qualified teachers are the best trained ever. The quality and improvement in primary and secondary teacher training reflects the responsiveness of providers to demands for change and their commitment to producing well-trained teachers.”

The inspectors found that training was good or very good in over 80 per cent of the courses and by the end of the four-year inspection programme almost none of the courses were providing poor training. Areas where improvement was most marked include trainees’ subject knowledge, planning and teaching of lessons and class management.

Ofsted highlights the need for the training providers to work harder at the assessment of pupils and the use of assessment data to set targets, curriculum continuity between primary and secondary schools, the use of ICT to support classroom teaching and working effectively with teaching assistants.