Headlines: June 23rd, 2003

Soft skills such as communication, teamworking and staff development, are increasingly recognized as essential if leaders are to deliver high levels of staff satisfaction. This growing emphasis on soft skills has been recognized by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development which has introduced two certificates to give them a greater professional status.An Advanced Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring has been launched in conjunction with the Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring. The programme which supports the certificate takes account of the new evidence which is emerging about the importance that coaching and mentoring styles have on the success of all types of organizations.

The new Certificate in Leadership has been developed in conjunction with Exeter University’s Centre for Leadership Studies. It reflects the increasing value placed on leadership skills at all levels of an organization, whether it be a major international company or a small local authority. The course is designed to equip managers and project leaders to undertake a leadership role with greater confidence and self-awareness, covering many facets including problem-solving, communication and teamworking. Its benefits include potential entry to a Masters degree in Leadership Studies at theUniversity of Exeter.