Headlines: July 1st, 2003

The power of the Internet to influence behavour and provide advice and guidance is being exploited by the Environment Agency, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and the Environment and Heritage Service in Northern Ireland. The agencies were confronted with the challenge that the smaller UK businesses are failing to take action to protect the environment. They generate about 60% of the commercial waste in England and Wales and are responsible for as much as 80% of pollution incidents contributing to poor air quality and contamination of land and water. In collaboration with the Small Business Service the agencies developed a strategy, centred on a website approach to get the ‘green message’ through to small and medium enterprises.The website, www.netregs.gov.uk promotes the advantages to businesses of ‘going green’ and gives advice on good environmental practice. It has specific advice for 50 industry sectors and this will rise to 100 sectors in 2004. The agencies have appealed to staff in local government who advise small and medium enterprises to tell their clients about NetRegs.