Headlines: July 15th, 2003

The Centre for Excellence in Leadership will open its doors in the autumn for leaders and prospective leaders in the learning and skills sector. It will play a critical role in supporting teachers, lecturers, trainers and support staff in developing leadership skills. The Department for Education and Skills has signed a three year contract with a consortium led by Lancaster University Management School and the Learning and Skills Development Agency and supported by Ashridge and the Open University.The college offers something for everyone who has, or aspires to a leadership role in their organization, regardless of their current job role or level of responsibility. There will be a mix of on-line, distance and face-to-face teaching with scope for structuring programmes and modes of delivery so they can be tailored to the individual. The innovative training website will grow and develop into an interactive portal, carrying training programmes which will be on offer from this autumn.

The Government has made an investment of around 14.5 million pounds overthe next three years, subject to performance, in programme development and infrastructure and this will allow the Centre to set competitive prices for its high quality, innovative programmes.

The new Standards Unit within the DfES has played an important part in setting up the College. Its aim is to boost the performance of the learning and skills sector. The Unit is working with organizations across the sector to develop the skills and capacity of the workforce and to create new, model teaching and learning frameworks in priority subjects in the post-16 curriculum.