Headlines: July 21st, 2003

Managers find it difficult to switch off when they are on holiday. According to research by the Chartered Management Institute 45% contact their employers by choice when on annual leave.The majority of managers have more than 5 weeks holiday entitlement each year, but increasing work commitments mean that 40 per cent of managers do not take up their full holiday allowance. The figures are higher in the manufacturing and retail sectors where 73% of entitlement is taken, but lowest in the public sector where the figure is only 39%. 4% of public sector workers take “about” half of the days they have available.

Public sector managers get more annual leave than those in other areas. In manufacturing 40% get more than 26 days, the figure is 58% for the services sector, but in the public sector 71% get more. So public sector workers are getting more leave but don’t use it.

The survey found that longer working days have resulted in managers using annual leave to catch up on the tasks they used to fit in before or after work.