Headlines: July 25th, 2003

The government has published a framework designed to make its websites easier to use. The announcement by the Cabinet Office Minister, Douglas Alexander, follows extensive consultation with the public and private sectors and with voluntary organisations.”Quality Framework for UK Government Website Design” will provide government web managers with specific guidance on how to maximise the usability of their sites.

Mr. Alexander said the government was committed to putting the citizen at the heart of e-government and that meant online government services should be intuitive, reliable, trustworthy and accessible. He believed improving the way government websites were designed around the user would drive up the numbers of people using key services.

The framework, has been welcomed by Andrew Pinder, the government’s e-Envoy, who said it drew on advice from a range of experts and set out clear guidance for web managers to ensure they incorporated users needs in the design process. The Framework supports the existing Guidelines for UKĀ  Government Websites, which provides best-practice advice.

The document is available on