Headlines: August 7th, 2003

Change is being accepted as an essential part of work. A Europe wide survey of the public, financial services and manufacturing sectors, by Deloitte Consulting, found that three quarters of the respondents view change as having a positive influence on their organizations. Less than 20% felt that their performance had suffered as a result of increased change over the past 12 months.The success factor in keeping people on board is harnessing the energy associated with the change and using it as a positive force to motivate people. The survey highlighted the importance of communication. Across the industries, the financial services sector fared best for internal communication. More than 90% of respondents from the sector said they first heard of impending change through official channels.

Some 95% of respondents said that the key factor in happiness at work was personal recognition. Close behind came pay and a ‘perfect culture’. Public sector workers also think that more flexible working hours and a better balance between life and work is very important.

The survey is available from sjbanerjee@dc.com.