Headlines: August 8th, 2003

Organisational culture barriers such as defensiveness, a reliance on assumptions, and a lack of trust, are putting almost half of public sector Customer Relationship Management projects at risk. According to research by DPA Corporate Communications, 48% of CRM managers feel that such cultural barriers have forced their organisations into, or very close to, a “danger zone” where the risk and challenge around CRM projects is deemed unacceptably high. CRM programmes are a major element of the eGovernment modernisation and service improvement objectives that public service must achieve by 2005.The research highlighted that cultural issues are amongst the biggest stumbling blocks facing many CRM implementations.

The findings also show that managers see high staff motivation as the factor most critical to successful CRM implementation. Respondents felt that this motivation can only come from a clear understanding of the need for change, at both a rational and emotional level.

To meet this situation DPA is launching a new cultural programme, CRM Consensus, to support Public Sector CRM implementations.