Headlines: August 13th, 2003

Evaluation of training across central and local government and the NHS is not linked to performance in almost two thirds of organizations. More than 80 per cent of public sector HR directors are still using the simple tick-box ‘Happy Sheet’ approach, which does not measure the true impact of training. These findings come from research commissioned by LogicaCMG and carried out by Coleman Parkes.The survey also found that over 60% of HR directors believe that inability to demonstrate the value and effectiveness of training is having a serious impact on training. Because it is not possible to quantify the return on training investment, senior management is reluctant to buy-in for bigger training budgets. This has led to a 33% per cent shortfall in budgets across one third of organizations.

In terms of deployment, one in three HR professionals agreed that they tend to impose training on employees based on perceived, rather than actual, need. This suggests that there is the potential for a more efficient, cost-effective approach to staff learning.

Keith Scott, director of training at LogicaCMG said: “Accounting for the return on training investment is paramount – especially given the size of annual budgets and the perceived shortfalls. There is a definite and immediate need for change in the way that training is defined, deployed and evaluated.”