Headlines: September 18th, 2003

Councils will soon be able to bid for funding to support innovative e-government projects. Bids will be accepted for ‘cutting edge’ schemes which look beyond the 2005 target to get all services on line.The first round of the e-innovations funding will be targeted at projects in priority areas. These include: E-Learning systems used to share information and good practice, staff development and better use of e-government to improve services; Innovative use of technology to improve services and using e-government to reach people who are socially excluded and so reduce the digital divide. Projects which make better use of technology to improve internal business in councils will also be considered.

The new innovations fund of 14 million pounds is part of the wider 675 million pound Local e-Government Programme to get all local authority services online by 2005.

It is expected that the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister will shortly give councils details about how to apply for this funding.