Headlines: October 6th, 2003

A government minister has said closer collaboration between planners and those who produce community strategies can help improve the quality of life for people across the country. The Planning Minister, Keith Hill, was launching a report setting out how Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks can develop effective relationships.From summer next year all local councils will, as part of the reform of the planning system, have to prepare Local Development Frameworks identifying where future development will take place.

Mr. Hill said the planning system could improve people’s quality of life by delivering new homes, jobs and regeneration. He said the research behind the report showed how local authorities could achieve this through Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks being linked.

The research, carried out by Entec UK Ltd, identifies a number of potential benefits. Its recommendations highlight the potential for Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks to develop joint approaches to public consultation as well as sharing information, expertise and monitoring processes.

The report, commissioned in November last year, had three main objectives, to establish the extent and diversity in Community Strategies and what the likely range could be in two years time, to identify key issues that needed resolving in order to establish effective relationships, and to provide good practice advice on effective relationships between Community Strategies and Local Development Frameworks.