Headlines: October 13th, 2003

A new leadership college has been opened for the learning and skills sector. The Centre for Excellence in Leadership offers those involved in the post-16 curriculum a leadership development framework. Two new development programmes for aspiring chief executives will run from November. Other programmes include a professional development route for individuals and their managers to assist in career planning and to support succession planning.The average age of the leadership and management workforce in Further Education colleges has increased since 1997 and almost half of the senior managers in the learning and skills sector as a whole are due to retire in the next 10-15 years. Currently senior managers are predominantly white and male. The Centre will work to fill the retirement gap and be a catalyst in tackling problems of inequality. It will also boost leadership skills and create clear development pathways for the people who will be the next generation of leaders.

The Centre is operated by a consortium led by Lancaster University Management School and the Learning and Skills Development Agency and supported by Ashridge and the Open University. The Government investment of 14.5 million pounds over the next three years will allow the Centre to set competitive prices for its high quality, innovative programmes.