Headlines: January 12th, 2004

A series of workshops will be run in the next two months to help the public sector prevent, detect and investigate fraud. They are being organised as the Institute of Public Finance warns that getting your money and assets back is a major part of the ongoing fight against fraud and corruption in the public as well as the private sector.The workshops are to be run by the CIPFA Better Governance Forum. Its Counter Fraud advisor, John baker, said the identification and confiscation of criminal assets was now recognised as an essential step in any investigation. “How and when you do this needs to be understood if the outcome of investigation is to be successful,” he said.

The forum is also highlighting the problem of money laundering which, it says, is fast becoming a major concern for the public sector. It is warning that providing assistance, ‘tipping-off’ and, more worryingly, failing to report knowledge or belief of money laundering activities can land staff in public sector organisations in serious trouble. It is important to ensure due diligence by having processes in place for identifying and reporting suspect transactions.

John Baker said the workshops would be of interest and relevance to people who may well end up having to ensure adequate anti-money laundering processes are in place within an organisation. Peter Dorrington a recognised world expert in anti-money laundering will lead delegates through the major steps in combating money laundering with a pragmatic approach to the problem. He will be look at the legislation and challenges to illustrate how an effective anti-money laundering strategy can be implemented.

The workshops will take place in London on February 3rd, York on the 5th, Chester on the 11th and in Edinburgh on March 3rd. John Baker can be contacted on 01733 327852 or 07767 893345, or by email at john.baker@ipf.co.uk . Administrative enquiries can be addressed to Melissa Oldham on 0208 667 8166 Melissa.Oldham@ipf.co.uk  or Anita Hawkins on 0208667 8577 anita.hawkins@ipf.co.uk