Headlines: February 5th, 2004

Five local authority run schemes are among the winning projects across England that are to share 46 million pounds under the ‘Invest To Save’ initiative. The Prison Service, Crown Prosecution Service and Devon and Cornwall Police are among the other winners announced by the Treasury and the Cabinet Office.The Invest to Save scheme is designed to support projects involving ‘joined up’ public bodies working together to deliver innovative services more efficiently and in a way which is more responsive to local needs. The latest round of the initiative, the sixth, includes partnership bids from central government, local authorities and the voluntary sector.

Among the successful local authority projects, Peterborough City Council’s scheme to create an integrated network of service providers, statutory agencies and support workers to ensure the successful integration of new arrivals into the city will get more than two and a half million pounds. Bath and Somerset Social Services and Housing Services will receive 1.3 million to help establish a dedicated mobile nursing team giving 24-hour cover to provide services at home rather than moving a seriously frail person to hospital. Lincolnshire County Council will get just over a million to educate local people in Rural and Coastal Academies with integrated curriculum provision to pupils who are out of mainstream school.

Other councils to benefit are Bristol City which gets more than 800,000 pounds to reduce out of authority placements for children with complex mental health, emotional and behavioural difficulties and Gloucester City Council which wins a hundred thousand to develop a Local Planning toolkit for public service providers and partnerships to plan their neighbourhood and
community services.

Since 1999, the Invest to Save Budget has invested 370 million in 400 projects across the United Kingdom. Cabinet Office Minister, Douglas Alexander, said the programme funded projects that had identified innovative ways to transform the way public services were delivered through multi-agency partnerships.

The biggest share of this latest funding goes to the a Crown Prosecution Service led project to deliver, for the first time, a partnership approach to providing care for victims and witnesses. It gets more than 27 million pounds. Other organisations to receive funding are the Small Business Service, the Youth Justice Board, Community Service Volunteers, St Mungo’s Inner London Detox Centre, the Prison Service, Warrington Advice and Resource Centre and Devon and Cornwall Constabulary. It will receive 1.1 million pounds for a project that establishes a Targeted Drug release programme providing access for drug using offenders to pass from the criminal justice system to the treatment system when released from prison.