Headlines: March 30th, 2004

A MORI poll found that 92% of people trust doctors to tell the truth, teachers came in second with 89%. Only 20% of people trust journalists to tell the truth and 72% believe they actively lie. Politicians were slightly higher up the table with 22% believing that they tell the truth.The reaction of respondents to questions about trust were also reflected in their answers about satisfaction with the way certain professions do their job. The majority (55%) of people choosing ‘very satisfied’ picked nurses, followed by doctors (39%) and teachers (34%). Dissatisfaction was generally reserved for politicians and government ministers, however, a certain amount of finger-pointing was directed at judges, lawyers and the police although nowhere near the level of politicians.

Despite high level issues with the medical profession, doctors still appear to be flavour of the month. The are hardworking (87%), committed (85%), helpful (83%) and effective (80%), the 2004 respondents said. The majority of people even thought that doctors were underpaid rather than overpaid, and the British Medical Association, which commissions the survey each year, welcomed the findings.