Headlines: April 15th, 2004

A new web-based system has been launched to make data on regeneration progress more accessible. Floor Targets Interactive has been designed and developed for all those with an interest in the progress of deprivation-related Public Service Agreement Floor Targets – the minimum standard the government expects local authorities to achieve in relation to the key services.FTI, which is described as being part of the commitment by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to ensuring the use of evidence-based policy and delivery to narrow the gap between the most disadvantaged areas and the average, contains data for all of England’s local authorities down to district level but focuses on the 88 most disadvantaged areas receiving Neighbourhood Renewal Funds. It has been developed by the ODPM’s Tackling Disadvantage Group.

The system uses data that is already publicly available, but which has been brought together from all the government departments responsible involved in improving areas such as health, employment, crime, education and housing. The idea is that FTI will make this existing data more accessible and provide a mapping tool that will allow the user to create visual aids.

The ODPM says the system will be useful to people working at all levels to meet Floor Targets and that it will be of particular interest to regeneration practitioners. As they develop their own policies, they will be able to identify their position and progress in relation to other parts of the country with similar characteristics.

The system is available via the Neighbourhood Renewal website, www.neighbourhood.gov.uk  http://www.neighbourhood.gov.uk