Headlines: June 3rd, 2004

Wales is leading the way in Europe when it comes to e-government. A report into how a number of regions use information technology to communicate puts Wales ahead of areas in various countries.The report was prepared for the European Institute of Public Administration and looked at the regions of Catalonia, Baden-Wurttemberg, Flanders, Lombardy, Scotland and Wales. It found Wales demonstrated best practice in the areas of e-Government and e-Democracy.

The Welsh Assembly was the only body in all the regions in the survey to use electronic methods of communication such as email and website forums to communicate with its electorate alongside the use of more traditional means. The report also praises the Assembly Government for its dedication to open government through using methods such as the forums and evaluation reports as well as an Actions Database that allows people to see what the Assembly and other partners have agreed to do and how they are progressing.

Andrew Davies, Wales’s e-Minister welcomed the judgment that the country had one of the best and most forward-looking governments in Europe in terms of ICT strategy. He said the findings confirmed that it was following the right track towards its aim of open and inclusive government.