Headlines: June 8th, 2004

Cabinet Office Minister Douglas Alexander has accepted a recommendation from the Advisory Panel on Crown Copyright that the scope for re-using information should extend beyond Whitehall and include local councils and other public bodies. As a result of the decision, the Panel has been re-named the Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information.The thinking of the Panel, which was set up in April 2003, has moved beyond the remit of making greater re-use of Government information, to generic exploitation. Research findings show that public service information is the most valuable body of intellectual capital in the UK, but it is barely managed and under exploited. The sources of information include data and information gathered by various bodies, the work performed on the information, such as reports and analyses and the knowledge and expertise created by public sector staff.

The information is increasingly stored in document management and knowledge management systems as well as in e-mail. The Panel is seeking ideas on approaches to systematic re-cycling.

The current panel, which is chaired by Professor Richard Susskind, is made up from Whitehall officials, academics and consultants. A vacancy on the panel has been created to recognize its revised remit and someone who represents the interests of local government is being sought urgently. An information pack for applicants is available from: advisorypanel.hmso@cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk   or by telephone: 020 7276 5216.

Link: http://www.hmso.gov.uk/apcc