Headlines: June 28th, 2004

A new induction programme has been developed for all new comers to working in, for and with the National Health Service and will be integrated into local NHS induction processes over the summer. It has been designed to bring the service’s principles to life.”Introduction to Today’s NHS” is a short interactive programme that sets out to explain the core mission and values of the NHS. Sir Nigel Crisp, the service’s Chief Executive, has strongly endorsed the programme, which he said, had the potential to provide a consistent countrywide approach to induction. The programme will be available from next month.The programme has been developed in consultation with the NHS, the Department of Health, the Stroke Unit at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals and Speakability, the charity that supports people with language loss following aphasia, as well as involving patients and carers. The induction programme follows a stroke patient’s pathway through the health service from initial treatment from a paramedic, through to the care given a year after the patient’s stroke, It uses video and audio to engage the learner and information screens to prompt discussion and aid learning. It will be available on CD-ROM and DVD.

Nigel Crisp said it was the first time the NHS would have a consistent approach to corporate induction and it meant that staff across the country would clearly understand how all those in the service could play a part in the continuous improvement of the NHS.