Headlines: August 16th, 2004

HM Customs and Excise is the first major department to sign up to Motorvate, a 5-star certification programme designed to provide its members with a structured plan to help monitor the environmental performance of vehicle fleets. The aim of the programme is to help HM Customs and Excise to achieve a 12% reduction in fuel use.The Motorvate programme is one offering of TransportEnergy’s Best Practice scheme. TransportEnergy is a division of the Energy Saving Trust. It is funded mainly by the Department for Transport, the Scottish Executive, and the Welsh Assembly.

Motorvate members have access to a number of fleet management tools including independent benchmarking and auditing systems that help them implement improvement strategies to reduce fleet costs and increase efficiency. Richard Tarboton, Head of TransportEnergy, said, “Reducing vehicle emissions is not just about clean vehicle technology, the way that we drive our vehicles also has a huge impact. We are working with industry to provide advice and support to fleet managers in the day-to-day running of their fleet to help them increase efficiencies.”

TransportEnergy BestPractice has helped to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by over 143,000 tonnes since its inception, which is roughly equivalent to the amount of CO2 that would be saved if over 6 million households in the UK were persuaded to trial energy saving light bulbs for a year.