Headlines: October 29th, 2004

Health service staff can now go on-line to find out the gaps in their knowledge and skills in information management and technology. The new service provides individuals with the ability to assess their own learning needs and relate these needs to their particular profession, while identifying relevant courses to improve skills. The tool also acts as a support for managers in drawing up personal development plans.The self-assessment tool works by allowing staff to input information about their current skills into a computer. It takes about 40 minutes for them to work their way through the questions. Using national health informatics standards for their particular profession, a profile is then generated, providing a detailed analysis of their skills and identifying areas where improvements could be made.

The Health Informatics Assessment Tool has been developed in partnership with the National Health Service Information Authority. It has been designed to encourage the use of technology in learning and development and improve patient care by developing staff skills in this area. It also supports the government’s vision of patient centred healthcare and better use of health informatics, which is central to managing change in the NHS and to modernising the delivery of care.

Link: http://www.nhsu.nhs.uk/webportal/learning/healthinfo/manager.jsp