Headlines: November 1st, 2004

A series of short videos using patients’ own stories has won two awards at the 2004 Dartmouth Clinical Microsystem Film Festival held in the USA. Each video addresses key issues of quality from the perspective of patients and carers and includes ‘digital stories’ that use video, audio, text and music to convey patients’ own stories in a unique way. The stories have been structured so that they can be used with PowerPoint presentations.The videos were designed to drive home the message of patient centre care and they are a powerful means of engaging the feelings of Board members, managers, clinicians and others striving to improve the quality of healthcare.

The idea for the videos arose from the desire to harness the power of patients’ voices to bring to life the e-learning courses ‘Clinical Governance Matters’ and ‘Clinical Governance Works’ commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing.

Pip Hardy from Pilgrim Projects, the video producer said ” I am delighted that this partnership working between us and the National Clinical Governance Support Team has been so productive. The impact of real patients and carers voices describing what they and their loved ones had experienced is profound. They really bring home to healthcare professionals the need to involve the people they work with at all stages of care.”