Headlines: January 6th, 2005

The confidence of IT managers in local government in their ability to hit the 2005 deadline for delivery of e-government services is not shared by the business mangers of councils. A survey by the IT representative body, SOCITM, showed an optimistic attitude to improving citizen access to services. Most IT managers believe they will have created appropriate infrastructure and bought the software needed to provide multi channel access by the end of 2005.A new survey commissioned by Sx3 Managed Services found that only one third of business managers shared this optimism. Almost two thirds of senior business managers are worried about the costs of meeting the new e-Government requirements. Nearly half also say that hitting the deadline is putting great pressure on their local authorities and driving reviews of current IT systems.

The survey also shows that e-government is steadily becoming embedded into the business processes with nearly one half of senior business managers actively involved in all e-Government developments. The trend is highlighted further by the fact that two thirds of business managers have taken executive control of the e-Government task instead of delegating it to the IT manager.