Headlines: April 5th, 2005

A new agreement reached by the Government purchasing agency, OGCbuying.solutions, is expected to lead to value-for-money savings of 15 million pounds in public sector IT costs. The agency has signed a new Memorandum of Understanding with United States based software suppliers BEA Systems Inc.The memorandum will run for a period of three years and will offer government buyers the chance to buy software products, licences and support services at specially discounted prices. The memorandum is open to all parts of the public sector. It is one of a number of initiatives from OGCbuying.solutions to support the sector in its efforts to meet recently announced efficiency review targets.

OGCbuying.solutions is the trading arm of the Office of Government Commerce and was set up as a result of a review of civil procurement in Central Government. The agency’s Chief Executive, Hugh Barrett, said savings achieved by the new agreement could be reinvested in front-line public services and would produce visible benefits for the taxpayer.

BEA Systems is regarded as a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software, the aim being to align IT with business objectives. It has 15,000 customers worldwide and works from 75 offices in 32 countries