Headlines: August 8th, 2005

A survey of the effect of work on holidays shows a blurring of the divide between the two activities. The research, commissioned by Sterry Communications, questioned office based personnel on the anxiety they experience when on holiday and the possible causes. The research reveals that nearly three quarters of workers worry about work when they are on holiday, whilst 40% admit it has even spoilt their time off.A third of respondents put their anxiety down to being a natural worrier; however 22% said that their colleagues were prone to contacting them when they were out of the office, which caused concern. More disturbing however, was that one in ten of the workers polled didn’t feel they could trust their colleagues to complete work that they had handed over. Eight percent were worried that their boss might find they had neglected to do work they should have done. One percent thought that their workplace would not be able to run without them.

As well as work worry it would seem that for over a third of workers, their jobs have even prevented them from taking planned time off. Indeed 36% of those surveyed said they have had to cancel, postpone or rearrange a holiday because of work commitments.

The majority (83%) of respondents also said that they had spent time undertaking some sort of work-related activity whilst on holiday. In fact, 34% have checked work email and 42% have phoned the office.