Headlines: February 21st, 2006

Dedicated television networks broadcasting community safety information directly to local people are being installed across the UK. Large screens are set up in prime locations throughout the district where people congregate. Typical sites include hospital waiting rooms, schools, fast food outlets and leisure centres.The networks continuously broadcast local information, such as road closures and community safety messages to help combat crime and reduce the fear of crime, as well as national news, sport and weather. They also include advice on preventing domestic burglary, car crime, mobile phone theft and encourage the reporting of domestic violence and racial harassment. Emergency Hotline Response telephones are frequently installed near the screens to enable the public to respond to appeals and to make contact with partnership agencies. Some also carry missing persons appeals.

Some 30 networks are in operation from the north of England to the south coast and it is planned to launch another 50 networks during 2006. London’s first network, supplied by Community Communication Network Limited, was launched in Harrow at the end of last year. The network suppliers provide a complete project managed service, from the filming and production of high quality partnership content, right through to the installation and on-going maintenance of the system.