Headlines: February 24th, 2006

Data to support the management of Neighbourhood Renewal programmes can now be accessed from a gateway website. The site is managed by Oxford 7 Consultants for Social Inclusion and it has been developed in partnership
with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. As a gateway, the site has no data, but gives links to organisation that collect and compile data such asthe departments for health and education.

The gateway provides links to data on population, depravation, employment, education, health, housing, crime, and livability. Within each heading there are a range of data links to follow and for each data set the neighbourhood
data is accessed by inputting the postcode. The data can also be viewed at regional and national level.

The gateway has been designed for a range of users. Policymakers will be able to bring together evidence to support their proposals and to monitor the effect of policy changes. For example they can compile key statistics on
the quality of life and services in a local area and identify the public money coming into an area and how it is spent. Practitioners will be able to compile statistics to support funding proposals and to benchmark performance
with other similar areas. The data will also be helpful for those preparing the Local Area Agreements and partnership plans.

As well as providing support for dealing with issues that have already been identified, the gateway will allow neighbourhoods to be viewed from different statistical viewpoints so that new issues can be put on the
agenda. This will be particularly helpful for members of scrutiny committees.

The Gateway is at: http://www.data4nr.net/resources/liveability/0010000/