Headlines: March 7th, 2006

Mobile ‘phone technology is being used in a campaign launched this week in London to increase the number of 18-24 year olds who are registered to vote in the local elections in May. It is a joint venture by the Mayor of London and the Department of Constitutional Affairs.A media campaign will promote the 1824collective, which works with young people all over the country, encouraging them to register to vote by talking to them in their own terms. The London action will use mobile phones to connect with the group’s target voters by providing a simple text-to-register option. The young people can text “VOTE” plus their name, house number and full postcode to 86222 to receive a registration form.

The mobile system is being delivered by Incentivated, which is using its mobile platform “iris” to manage the application process. London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, has used the company before for mobile phone campaigns such as Recycle for London and the State of London Debate conference. Incentivated Managing Director Jonathan Bass said mobile technology made it easy for people to register to vote. “It’s a platform that this generation has grown up with and are comfortable using. We are fully behind this campaign and encourage every 18-24 year old to make a difference by voting at this year’s elections,” he added.

Ken Livingstone said there were 5 million 18 to 24 year olds in the UK and if they voted they could gain a powerful voice that needed to be and should be recognised. “The 1824 campaign is about encouraging young people to use the ballot box. The message is get registered and get voting. To make the process as easy as possible, we once again used mobile phone technology, “he said.

The 1824collective is also using young urban artists to record a special music track and video in support of the campaign. These can be downloaded onto mobile phones at <http://www.1824collective.co.uk/> or by sending VOTETONE to 86222.