Headlines: March 7th, 2006

The search has begun for the person to fill the top job in social care and it coincides with a new television advertising campaign to attract more people in to the sector at ground level as part of the drive to create what the Government calls a ‘proud and professional workforce.’Details of the new Department of Health board-level post will be given in a speech tomorrow by Care Services Minister Liam Byrne. That will be followed by advertisements in the national and specialist press. Mr. Byrne will explain that the new Director General role confirms the added prominence being given to social care following the joint health and social care white paper and a review of Department of Health leadership.

The role will involve responsibility for providing national leadership on social care, co-coordinating policy with reform of systems in the Department and across government as well as for strengthening social care input at regional level.

At the same time the TV campaign, with the slogan “Can you do the little things that make a big difference” has begun running nationwide. The advertisements have been produced for the Department by Leo Burnett at a cost of 2.5 million pounds.

Mr. Byrne said, social care was at the cutting edge of making Britain a better and fairer place to live and people wanted the white paper proposals to be implemented which meant the new powerful, high profile role was needed to drive this work forward. He added, “”But we know that actually the biggest job is often at the frontline- doing the little things that make the world of difference. This is about something simple, creating a workforce and a sector that is professional and proud.”

In his speech on Wednesday the Minister will also announce a national tour to discuss priorities with social care and NHS directors and to reinforce the drive for higher standards.