Headlines: March 23rd, 2006

A conference in Scotland is to stress the importance of partnership working in education. The annual conference of Enquire, the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning, will examine renewed emphasis on partnership work in light of the Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act, which promotes an integrated approach to service delivery.The Act also aims to build a stronger system to support learning, so all children and young people get the additional support they need to make the most of their education. The two-day conference will look at best practice in partnership working in additional support for learning and provide opportunities to look at issues and solutions in partnership working. Delegates will also get help in developing their partnership working and network building skills.

Under the new legislation references in law to ‘special educational needs’ no longer exist and it has introduced the concept of ‘additional support needs’. This applies to any child or young person who requires additional support in order to learn and to work to their full potential.

Kathryn Hunter, Senior Manager of Enquire, said, “Partnership working lies at the heart of the Additional Support for Learning Act. To ensure that support is appropriate and properly focused on the needs of every child or young person who may require it, it is essential that parents, children, young people, agencies and professionals work together.”

Enquire is managed by Children in Scotland and funded by the Scottish Executive and its services are available to parents and carers of children and young people with additional support needs, to the children and young people themselves, and to professionals working with them. Its advice is available through a telephone helpline and through written responses to emails and enquiries via its website.