Headlines: April 5th, 2006

Organisations and employees across the UK are being invited to take part in Work Wise Week starting on 3rd May to help create a ‘smarter’ working Britain. Staff and employers alike are being asked to spend the week trying out smarter working practices, such as flexible working, mobile working, remote working and working from home, so they can see for themselves the benefits and practicalities of this modern day approach to working.Work Wise Week, which is organized by the IT Forum Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, marks the start of Work Wise UK, a major three-year initiative with broad government, business and union support, which will encourage the widespread adoption of smarter working practices across the UK. The aim is to revolutionise the way people work and lead to increased productivity, reduced transport congestion and pollution, improved health, assist disadvantaged groups, and harmonise work and family commitments.

Among the measures suggested for smarter working are allowing staff to come in either an hour later or an hour earlier, with a reciprocal hour shift at the end of the day. This would enable staff to avoid the busiest travel times, effectively staggering the rush hour and making the journey far more tolerable for everyone. Allowing staff to take a half hour lunch break each day, and then let them leave at 3.00pm on the last day is another option. A homeworking experiment could be tried out by allowing staff to work from home on Friday 5 May.

Link: http://www.workwiseuk.org/