Headlines: June 19th, 2006

New guidance has been published for local and regional planning bodies to ensure the creation of urgently-needed waste management facilities. “Planning for Sustainable Waste Management” is described as a companion guide to the planning policy statement of the same name and is designed to support the implementation of that policy.The Department for Communities and Local Government said the new document would help councils deliver the waste management facilities that are necessary to manage waste more effectively. As well as providing practical and clear advice, it contains a number of ideas, some examples of current practice and guidance to other sources of information that can help planning authorities, developers and communities.

The guide aims to assist regional planning bodies in the development of spatial strategies and to help councils in the preparation of local development documents and the consideration of planning applications. It is also designed to deepen developers’ understanding of the requirements of the spatial planning system for waste management.

Planning Minister Baroness Andrews said planning was often a complex and bewildering business and the Department did not underestimate the challenges of ensuring that effective waste planning was an integral part of delivering sustainable communities. “Working in partnership, central and local government can help business in the delivery of the new waste management facilities our communities need,” she said and added that the guide would ensure the delivery of waste management facilities of the right type in the right place at the right time.