Headlines: July 3rd, 2006

Three local authorities have had their Comprehensive Performance Assessment ratings upgraded in the latest quarterly update from the Audit Commission. The status of six other councils remains unchanged.The Commission has reviewed CPA categories for a number of single tier and county councils, taking into account the results of new-style corporate assessments and Joint Area Reviews of children’s services that have been published by the Office for Standards in Education since the first update at the end of March. The next update is expected to take place at the end of September or early October.

Overall, nine Corporate Assessments and Joint Area Reviews have been published since the March update. Coventry, Milton Keynes and Salford councils all scored three in their new assessments and the overall CPA score for those three authorities has risen. Coventry and Salford have scored 3 stars and their ‘direction of travel assessments’ are described as ‘improving well’. Milton Keynes has scored 3 stars and is described as ‘improving adequately’.

For the other six authorities, the new assessments have resulted in no change to their overall CPA star rating. They are Blackpool, Brent, Bristol, Newham, Rutland and Trafford. In three cases the published JAR reports changed the councils’ children’s and young people’s services score but there was still no change to the overall CPA star rating for the authorities.

In a rolling three-year programme, all 150 single tier and county councils will have a new-style Corporate Assessment before 2008 alongside the reviews of children’s and young people’s services.

Ian Hickman, Director of Local Government at the Audit Commission, said, “For both councils and the public these regular updates provide up-to-date information about their local CPA score.” mailto:ops@pu