Headlines: August 17th, 2006



The Green Doctor project was set up three years ago to tackle fuel poverty in the deprived wards of Leicester through free visits to low-income households. It is operated by Environmental regeneration charity, Groundwork Leicester & Leicestershire, which works in partnerships with Leicester City Council, NPower and NHS Primary Care Trusts.

The Green Doctor identifies energy and environmental improvements within the home and provides practical advice and solutions such as low energy lightbulbs and draughtproofing, making them more energy efficient. The project has been successfully running for 3 years and has visited approximately 800 homes.

It is calculated that if the Green Doctor visited every home in Leicester it could achieve an annual reduction in residential CO2 emissions of one fifth of Leicester City’s climate change policy target. On a national scale, if the Green Doctor project were rolled out across the whole of the UK, there would be a 13 % reduction in household CO2 emissions.

A review of the project and a DVD has been published to highlight the benefits of the scheme and to encourage other organisations to develop similar projects. Copies of the review and the DVD are available by emailing: cjones@gwll.org.uk.