Headlines: August 21st, 2006



Software developed ‘in house’ in being used by progressively fewer local authorities. The trend towards buying in application software has been accelerated by appearance of more applications in the market place. These findings come from a survey of councils, fire authorities, police forces and housing associations by the Society of IT Management. There was an 80% response to the survey.

The survey revealed the speed at which in house software is disappearing. Fewer than 5% of the sample now has in-house developed software for their general ledger. It was 16% in 2000 and 7% in 2005. A similar picture emerged with human resource systems. Currently only 8% of respondents have in house developed systems. In 1999 in house systems made up 19% of the total and in 2005 this had reduced to 9%. There are, however, areas where software development companies are much less successful. 40% of committee administration systems and 33% of waste management systems currently in use were developed in house.

There is considerable growth in demand for IT Help Desk systems and Touchpaper with over 12% of the market emerged as the top supplier. Other suppliers include Axios Systems, BMC Software, FrontRange Solutions and Hornbill Systems.