Headlines: August 24th, 2006



The Home Office has launched a new programme ‘Improving Reach’ to support black and minority ethnic, refugee and migrant and faith groups who are failing to access infrastructure funding in the ChangeUp programme. The programme was created to help thousands of voluntary and community organizations who work selflessly to improve lives in their communities. It is expected that up to 80 awards will be made from the 6 million pound fund which will be managed by Capacitybuilders, the agency established by the Home Office to administer ChangeUp.

Infrastructure funding is intended to strengthen physical facilities, structures, systems and relationships, as well as the people, knowledge and skills that help frontline organisations achieve their aims. Some 70 million pounds will be invested over the next two years in supporting the development of consortia, driving the work of the national hubs of expertise and providing grant programmes for consortia and other infrastructure bodies to support frontline organisations.

‘Improving Reach’ was introduced because hard to reach groups were found to lack the capacity to bid for infrastructure funding. These groups, which are at the frontline of the third sector and are working with disadvantaged and marginalised communities, are key to the success of the ChangeUp programme. Without accessing the funds on offer the groups would find it difficult to shape and develop their services and so reach out to the excluded.