Headlines: October 12th, 2006



Only one third of local government managers believe they play to their strengths at work. Most managers think their organisation is also not getting the best out of them. These findings come from research by the Chartered Management Institute. The research also revealed that managers at all levels exhibit high levels of activity and energy at work, but are held back by red tape, poor resources and a lack of support.

When questioned about activity levels at work, 66 per cent claimed high energy levels. Over half the managers wanted to take on new projects and 59 per cent also suggested that they would ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve success. However, more women than men, 31 to 25% constantly try to beat targets or deadlines.

One third of local government managers frequently look back over their career wishing they had developed new skills. 65 per cent also think they should have ‘asked more questions’ of their peers and colleagues and 16 per cent often consider how they could have progressed more quickly by ‘taking more risks’.

However, there is a wide recognition that there is room to improve and develop, but many managers admit they are not keeping up-to-date with current market trends. Only two thirds agree they are well informed about budgetary or financial management issues and only half agree that they are aware of employment regulations.