Headlines: October 30th, 2006



Special events will be taking place over the next few days to mark Compact Week, designed to raise awareness of the Compact, which aims to give a practical framework for improved working between the public and the voluntary sectors.

The theme for the week will be ‘Delivering better together’ and it will see John Stoker, the first Compact Commissioner. meeting and listening to stakeholders and participating in a series of planned events. Mr. Stoker, the former chief charity commissioner was appointed at the beginning of October but will use this week to stress the importance of the Compact.

Organisers of the week are stressing that the Compact is not just about public service delivery but sets out to create a framework in which better outcomes can be achieved in all areas. Compact Week, now in its fourth year, is an awareness raising exercise and an opportunity to showcase its work and to highlight best practice, new developments and the debate across all levels of government, and the voluntary and community sector. Both sides are asked each year to do one thing to promote or learn more about the Compact during this week and organisers also believe it is an opportunity for all organisations to build on existing partnerships.

John Stoker said, “I expect to see a major difference to the way in which the rules of engagement operate between the voluntary and community sector and government. I will be listening to all of the Compact’s stakeholders to determine the best way to achieve this.” He is being advised by Compact Voice, a working group that now has an expanded board, including more representatives from faith groups and service-delivery charities.

Meanwhile the Compact Advocacy Programme, based at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations has announced in its six-monthly report that the programme has achieved a number of key changes for voluntary organisations that have resulted in improved government working practices as well as significant financial savings. Saskia Daggett, Compact Advocacy Programme Manager said, “‘Phase one of the Compact Advocacy Programme safeguarded over 20 million pounds for the sector. Phase two has already done that in its first year. However, financial results are only part of it. Our campaigns have also resulted in simplified funding arrangements, commitments to advanced payment and extended consultations.”