Headlines: March 22nd, 2007



A website has been launched to encourage children from five to eleven to engage with some of the areas of Government that impact on their lives. DirectgovKids aims to help them learn about the society they are growing up in.

The site is designed to look like a revolving globe, with interactive buildings that children can investigate including: a Town Hall, a Police Station and a School. There are online activities and games, as well as animations and slideshows. New areas to be added include a Health Centre, a school council voting activity and a special area, where children can have a ‘virtual vote’ on issues that affect them.

DirectgovKids can be used in the classroom across the curriculum. It also has more specific applications for the teaching of Citizenship for Key Stages 1 and 2. Children can also access it from their home PC, for a fun home-learning experience. There is also a dedicated area for parents, full of activities and suggested places to go and things to see.

The site enables children to understand the differences between local and central government and fits in with the Citizenship curriculum. It explains in a fun and informative way many of today’s key issues, including healthy living and eating, food production and recycling.

This is the first time children in the UK have been communicated with directly by Government through an online site. The site will also give more of a voice to children, allowing them to express their views on current and future policy.

Link: http://kids.direct.gov.uk/