Headlines: May 3rd, 2007



Some 5000 secondary schools will today receive resource packs that will help teachers and pupils explore and understand the issues surrounding climate change. The aim is to give young people information and inspiration to understand and debate the issues around climate change, and show how they as individuals and members of a community should respond to it. The pack explains the scientific consensus on the causes and impacts of climate change. It makes it clear that climate change is not solely an environmental issue, but that it is a challenge for the economy, for health, and for our way of life now, and in the decades ahead. It emphasizes that the commitment and enthusiasm of young people will be essential to meeting the challenge.

The pack includes the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth and a number of other resources developed by Defra and the Department for Education and Skills. There are Diaries of the Climate Change Champions. The nine Climate Change Champions were announced in May 2006 and chosen from among more than 600 entries following a competition asking them to use different types of media to communicate the threats of climate change in their regions. During their year “in office”, the champions have been spreading the work about climate change to their region through local activities and engagements.

To support all schools to become models of sustainable best practice and to help them embed sustainability in the curriculum there will be a wide range of resources on the Internet. New websites opening today are at: www.teachernet.gov.uk/sustainableschools/yearofaction. and www.defra.gov.uk/news/2007/070202b.htm.