Headlines: June 8th, 2007



Nottingham City Council will launch its own business development office in
China today. It will be in the city of Ningbo, in the Zhejiang Province,
which is already home to The University of Nottingham’s China campus, which
has almost 2,000 full time students. Ningbo has been Nottingham’s sister
city since 2005.

The new Nottingham Business Development Office is designed to help the city
to take advantage of the opportunities arising in growing Chinese markets by
developing links between businesses there and in Nottingham. After today’s
formal opening, which will be attended by Barry Horne, the city council’s
Corporate Director of City Development, the office is expected to be fully
operational by September.

Delegates will also use the trip to Ningbo to visit the Zhejiang Investment
and Trade Symposium, where Nottingham is hosting an exhibition and
officially launching its Football Diplomacy Proposal. This is based on
Nottingham Forest Football Club’s plan to tour China and work with children
in Ningbo, Jiaxing and Hangzhou, next year.

Mr. Horne said the office was an exciting initiative confirming Nottingham’s
belief that China was becoming a leading economic force in the world, and
that Ningbo and the wider Zhejiang Province would be at its economic centre.
“We have recognised the great opportunity for collaboration between the East
and West, between China and the UK and especially Nottingham and the East
Midlands region. Our vision is of a joined business community and a strong
partnership bringing together the best of both countries in the competitive
global business environment,” he said.

Councillor Alan Clark, who will also be at today’s opening, said the links
between the two cities had already led to some important developments in the
education, culture and business sectors.