Headlines: August 7th, 2007



The Children’s Workforce Development Council is encouraging children to get involved in the work of the organisation with the publication on the web of an ‘at a glance’, easy to understand version of the Business Plan.

It is intended that the webpage will be used to support consultation work, and as a resource that can be directly accessed by children and young people who want to learn more about the work of the Council. Using simple language, the resources outline how the council is ‘helping the people who work with children and young people to do their jobs well.’

The Council is also developing a dedicated website section for children and young people which will explain more and illustrate how they can get involved in shaping services by working with the Council.

Jane Haywood, Chief Executive of CWDC said: “Children and young people are ultimately the people who can tell us how services should be improved for them and their input is a vital part of our work. We are developing a strong culture of participation across all of our work. As well as being a source of information, we hope that the workforce will also use these new resources to support their own work with children and young people. Children and young people are at the heart of everything we do, and we hope to introduce over the coming months a range of resources and further opportunities for them to participate in all the work that we do.”