Headlines: October 1st, 2007

People who work with disabled children and young people can now develop their knowledge and improve skills through a website launched by the Children’s Workforce Development Council.

The site is designed to support the needs of leaders, managers, supervisors, foster carers, early years workers and all other existing members of the workforce wishing to expand their knowledge. It also provides help for new entrants to the workforce. It has briefings tailored to various sections of the workforce and comprehensive guides explore a range of relevant areas including further sources of advice and information, qualifications and how to access training.

Jane Haywood, Chief Executive of the Children’s Workforce Development Council said: “The workforce plays a key role in ensuring that disabled children and young people can access care that meet their needs. To ensure that we can truly improve the lives of these children and young people, it is essential that workers have the right skills and knowledge to tailor existing high quality services and improve outcomes. We are delighted to be launching this new resource and briefings which are an invaluable source of advice and information. As we achieve new heights in the way we work with our children and young people, it is likely most of the workforce will be exploring how they can meet the needs of disabled children and young people at some point, and we would urge everyone to take a look at the resource to further their skills or just improve their knowledge.”

Link: http://www.cwdcouncil.org.uk/projects/childrenwithdisabilities.htm