Headlines: December 14th, 2007

The public sector is being urged to lead the way in energy efficiency with the launch of a consultation document asking respondents to choose which measures linked to energy efficiency procurement should be implemented across the country. The Government will decide which of the measures contained in the EU Energy Services Directive will be introduced next spring.

Responses to this consultation document will be used to make sure the right incentives and strategies are in put place to promote energy efficiency in the public sector. The consultation also gives the Government’s preliminary views on how well the sector is doing so far in meeting the requirements set out in the Directive. When complete it will form the basis of suggestions for further action. Alongside the new document, responses to a previous consultation have also been published. The earlier consultation with energy suppliers examined how they could promote energy efficiency measures to their customers. As a result, voluntary agreements will be introduced over the coming months.

The Environment Minister, Phil Woolas, said, “While we look at what can be achieved on an international level, I’m proud that the UK Government is consulting on how we can implement change domestically and pleased that we aim to go above and beyond the 9 percent target set out in this Directive.” He welcomed the support of the suppliers and added, “I also fully encourage the public sector to embrace this new consultation, to lead by example and to continue to work towards the collective goal of reducing our environmental impact.”

The EU Directive aims to improve cost effective energy efficiency improvements across all Member States and specifically requires that they meet a 9 percent savings target by 2017 with each country’s public sector playing an exemplary role in meeting the targets.