Headlines: February 15th, 2008

More details have been given of the Commission for Social Care Inspection’s review of access to social care. It will focus on a framework for personalised services and will involve a range of service users. The review was announced last month and follows the CSCI report into the state of social care which highlighted the problems faced by people who were unable to meet local authorities’ eligibility criteria for care.

Dame Denise Platt, who chairs the Commission, told a public meeting, “People using care have the right to a service that is in line with the Government’s vision for personalised social care. This review is a great opportunity to work out what kind of framework should be adopted to make sure this vision is put into practice.” She added that people should be able to rely on individual care that was responsive to their needs. “We will be talking to a wide range of people who use services and key stakeholders so that the recommendations in our review are as inclusive as possible,” Dame Denise added.

Invitations to provide a ‘sounding board’ for the debate will go to carers, the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services as well as to other stakeholders and service users themselves.

The terms of reference for the review include looking at the criteria for fair access to care services, the way they are applied by local councils and the impact this has on people. It will be formally launched at an interactive event involving service commissioners and providers, front line workers, people who use services and carers. The event will aim to identify their key issues, concerns, and suggestions and be an opportunity to let all stakeholders know how they can be involved throughout the review.