Headlines: March 18th, 2008

The NHS Electronic Staff Record system has taken on its one millionth user. The project was launched in 2001 and will be completed shortly when all 600 organisations in the NHS are brought on stream. There will then by 1.2 million users.

The new facility provides a complete workforce management system with real-time reporting capabilities to monitor and manage workforce related costs, such as absence and training. It has allowed the nationwide integration of data and processes from disparate NHSIT systems and helped to streamline the cost of maintaining employee records,while giving greater data protection through the centralized management of records.

The system uses Oracle Human Resources Management System and Oracle Payroll and was implemented by McKesson UK,it will replace 28 core payroll systems and 67 legacy human resource systems.

The 2.4 billion pounds National Programme for IT in the NHS is starting to deliver savings. The Department for Health has announced a 208 million pound saving by providing quicker, more efficient and convenient patient care. The new IT systems are on course to deliver better care and an estimated 1.14 billion pounds in savings by 2014, according to the first annual Benefits Statement published by the Government. By 2012 the costs will have risen to 12.4 billion pounds.

The Programme is the first to fully implement a digital image and scanning system in any G8 country.As a result every year 5,000 more patients are able to have their procedures performed because in the past 20 per cent of X-ray films used to go missing.