Headlines: October 27th, 2008

Experts from a wide range of disciplines have been brought together to carry out research and analysis on the third sector. The aim is to strengthen the evidence base for the entire third sector, including charities, social enterprises and small community organisations. The Third Sector Research Centre is based at the University of Birmingham, which will also provide some of the funding. Additional funding will come from the University of Southampton, the Economic and Social Research Council, Office of the Third Sector and The Barrow Cadbury Trust.

The Centre will to deliver research into the effectiveness and impact of third sector organizations. It will map the sector to give a better understanding of its dynamics and carry out specific research programmes of direct relevance to third sector policy and practice.

The published research will be of significant value to those working in the sector and will provide a strategic base for future development. This cutting edge research will impact directly on UK society.

Kevin Brennan, Minister of the Third Sector, said: “This new research centre is an important part of the Government’s strategy to create the environment for a thriving third sector. Robust evidence is a key to that. The best way to attract financial support is to have clear evidence of the effectiveness of the third sector in changing society for the better. This new centre will help us all to show what works and what is special about the third sector.”