Headlines: November 3rd, 2008

Special events are being staged this week to mark a decade of the Compact, the agreement which sets out how voluntary groups and charities work with the Government. Compact Week has been organised to promote the Compact to public sector organisations and the third sector.

Wednesday will see the announcement of the results of this year’s Compact Awards when finalists will join senior figures from the Compact at a reception at Number 11 Downing Street, hosted by Kevin Brennan, the Minister for the Third Sector. The Commission for the Compact, the organisation that oversees its work, will also publish a concise guide to serve as a reference tool and checklist for public sector and third sector organisations. Also to be published this week will be research looking at independence issues from a third sector perspective and there will be awareness raising events around the country.

Kevin Brennan said, “The Government is more committed than ever to working with voluntary groups, charities, and social enterprises to deliver public services that benefit society.” He accepted that the Compact was not an end in itself and said the Government was working with the third sector to embed the principles of partnership working and innovation throughout the public sector.

Sir Bert Massie, the commissioner for the Compact, said it had the potential to improve the way in which Governmental and voluntary and community organisations worked with each other to benefit everyone. “Compact Week gives local areas the chance to promote and raise awareness of the Compact and I am delighted to see so many local events and activities taking place this year,” he said.