Headlines: December 15th, 2008

OGCbuying.solutions, an executive agency of HM Treasury, has negotiated a range of new deals with suppliers. All public sector organisations procuring through the framework agreements will benefit by some 170 m pounds in total. This is in addition to the savings from the earlier framework agreements which are now expiring.

The new Mobile Solutions (II) framework agreements cover the full scope of mobile voice and data requirements. These cutting-edge arrangements include provision for standard ordering off a catalogue of services and for further competition amongst suppliers.

Rigorous tendering and evaluation processes ensured that products and services were checked for quality, price competitiveness, fitness for purpose and compliance with statutory requirements.

The framework agreements have been awarded for mobile voice and data, bespoke mobile solutions and wide-area paging and messaging where key public sector workers work in environments where messaging devices are restricted. The wide-area paging lot also provides for a range of messaging services including the delivery of bulk SMS messaging and network independent, multi-platform messaging.

The suppliers include BT PLC, 02 UK Limited, Orange, Personal Communication Services Limited, T-Mobile (UK) Limited, Vodafone UK. HTK Limited, PageOne Communications Limited, AMT-SYBEX and Detica Limited.

Details of mobile deals are available from OGC. http://online.ogcbuyingsolutions.gov.uk/bcm/ICT/Networks/MobileSolutions/Procurement/