Headlines: May 13th, 2009

The Open University has produced a guide to Second Life to support Adult Learners Week. Second Life is a virtual world where people can engage in activities as diverse and numerous as in the physical world. It enables people and enterprises to build custom spaces and applications that increase productivity, creativity, and innovation while cutting travel costs.

A typical user will gain a variety of skills through engaging with the environment and attending free classes, which might include learning a language. Meetings can be arranged with friends in any part of the world.

The Open University has had a presence in Second Life since 2006 when it bought its first ‘island’. It currently owns 6 islands, 3 of which are open to visitors. Open Life Island is the main space for formal and informal teaching and learning sessions, where areas can be booked for exclusive group use.

Open Life Ocean, an island sized space under water, divides Open Life Island from Open Life Village. Open Life Village is the social island where staff and students rent houses and gather to chat in the Open Arms pub or dance on the village green.

During Informal Adult Learners Week DIUS and the Open University are offering live support for people wanting to try Second Life for the first time. At 10am, 2pm and 7pm each day there will be a help station at the Events Space on Open Life Island.

Second Life.